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All gardens require on-going maintenance to remain at their best. Even if you carry out most of your own maintenance, it is a good idea to have an expert make an occasional visit, to check on things such as plant health, irrigation requirements, and what to do with plants that are starting to grow into each others space.

Apart from maintaining plant health and keeping the garden looking fresh and tidy, as plantings grow and conditions such as available light, space, water and nutrients change, plants may need to be removed or replaced. This must be done with care to ensure that replacement plants are appropriate for the new conditions.

Even if your primary concern is to have the garden maintained efficiently, it is often worth considering improvements that could make your garden more attractive and useable. For complex improvements you may wish to take advantage of our design service. An added bonus is that when we implement such changes we aim to rationalise layout and planting, which can deliver large savings over time in maintenance costs such as weeding and re-planting.

Some routine maintenance tasks such as tidying paths and mowing lawns require relatively little expertise, but are nonetheless important. We make sure that we don’t neglect the simple details that keep your garden at its absolute best. | Landscaping Melbourne | Landscape Design | COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER