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Consultation & Design

Building a new garden is a rather complex process involving significant investment of time and money and a widerange of elements and possibilities.
Differences in the way these elements are laid out, and the materials and construction methods used, can make major differences to the cost, quality and usability of the final result. For anything but the simplest works a design plan of some kind is essential for the following reasons:

  • Good design will mean your garden will look better
  • Good design will mean that your garden will be more functional and practical
  • Good design will save you money
  • Having a design will give you flexibility and control in the construction of the garden
  • Design plans provide clarity so that all parties are aware of exactly what works are being undertaken

Daviscapes offers a range of design options that cover the full range of budgets, gardens and design goals. By breaking down the process into various design types, we are able to offer you a service that is more tailored to your needs and therefore represents better value for money.

Initial consultation

Initial consultation. Whichever design option you may ultimately choose, the process begins with an initial consultation.
The purpose of this visit is to:

  • Help you identify opportunities for improving and transforming your garden
  • Discuss your wishes and ideas
  • Allow us to examine the site
  • Provide you with some rough estimates of the potential cost of various landscape elements you wish to include. This helps you decide what possibilities can realistically be achieved
  • Clarify which of our design services are best suited to your needs
  • Provide you with a written quote for the design option/s of your choice¬†

Concept plan

Because of the complexity of many design situations, it is often advisable to break the process into two steps. Thus, before the final design plan is produced, a concept plan is drawn-up. Concept plans are a ‘first draft’. They are a preliminary version of the design with a focus on getting the layout right, and allow you to further discuss and refine the design before completion.

Final design

In some cases, we can go straight to a final design plan. This plan shows the exact layout of all elements and the materials used. For example, the exact location of every plant will be shown, and its name listed. Such a drawing can be used by us (or by a different contractor) to provide an accurate quote.


Design costs vary depending on many factors such as the overall size of the landscape, the number of discrete garden areas (such as front and rear gardens, courtyards) and the complexity of the elements involved. Obviously a design process involving two steps (concept and final plan) will cost more than a one-step plan (final plan only). 

Generally a basic design including an initial consultation, site survey and fully scaled concept plan starts from $650.

The final design is an additional cost and will include full details of the landscape - including plant types, construction details and material specifications. | Landscaping Melbourne | Landscape Design | COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER


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